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war without end

the president looked in the camera today
and these were the words that he said
"we have sources of intelligence"
but it's clear that they're not in his head
he said that he's praying for guidance
to help him to do what is right
well he may be hearing voices but i doubt that it is god
that keeps on a telling him 'fight, george fight'

we've been told we should watch what we do and we say
only traitors would dare to dissent
but i've no plans to shut up or join the refrain
for war without end amen, amen

at breakfast he prayed for forgiveness and strength
but offered no plans to repent
by lunch he was planning destruction again
and how many more troops will be sent
but god knows that he killed his own people
and his plans are a threat to world peace
he has weapons that cause mass destruction
and that stockpile he plans to increase

the pentagon outlined their new battle plan
to lob 400 missiles a day
to create the effect that hiroshima had
and leave no place in baghdad that's safe
to hell with geneva conventions
that prohibit such criminal schemes
it's terror when someone else sets off a bomb
but destroying whole towns is just foreign policy

the world it is growing more tired each day
with this incessant lusting for war
and the reasons that just keep on changing
to explain what the fighting is for
while the public relations firms work overtime
to sell us this grand killing spree
make no mistake when it's all said and done
they will have set that iraqi oil free

copyright 1986 2002 sue jeffers