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voice of amerika

i have buried all my demons of fear and insecurity
with half a million dead bodies over in sand bunkers and shifting graves
and grocery stores somewhere far away
somewhere where i don't have to look at children dead on either side
cut down by someone's father or mother while somebody's brother or sister cried
all just doing what they had to do
being all they could be in the end

i have buried all my demons of fear and insecurity
with strip mines and toxic dumps, poisoned lakes and sacrifice zones and
shopping malls not too far away
i have won my war with the planet, covered over my mother with tar
concrete and cyanide pools, styrofoam and pesticides
i am horrible in my mastery
i have purchased my present with my children's end

oh, but i'm proud of my excess and deny my insecurity
and i stand in the center of my world and beat my chest
and wipe my hands on my flag, here on my world
here in my world where i don't have to see starvation or pain
or death unless i choose to
for i have numbed myself with my fear and my greed
and maybe this is all that i can be
is this really all i will be in the end

copyright 2002 sue jeffers