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rainbow coffee

i hadn't showered for a week but the bus had broke down
needed some new parts so we drove into town
didn't have no money so i sat at a cafe
with a brother and some cops and drank some coffee
i smiled at the clean folk in their neat flannel shirts
and the sheriffs from 3 counties looked at me and my dirt
it was raining pretty hard outside so we sat there for a while
and i looked back at them and drank my coffee
went to the laundromat and sat for a spell
by the sign that said no loitering and loitered
on the corner back outside brother mike was looking for a ride
to get back to the camp and make more coffee
finally got back up the hill the first thing that we did
was fill the pot back up with water we could boil
threw some logs onto the fire and sat and waited for a while
pulled out our cups and drank more coffee
every day the cops come by and look in on the scene
find us hippies sittin here all strung out on caffeine
we don't have no donuts so they don't stay very long
we're not doing nothin wrong, just drinking coffee
i've seen a lot of weird things on this trip that we've been on
prob'ly see some weirder things before we are gone
i've seen coffee boil for three hours without getting brown
and the wood spirits come down to get some coffee
well the bus still isn't runnin well
and i'm stuck up here in hippy hell
the coffee can is running out of grounds
the rainbow family's leaving home but i ain't got nowhere to go
i'll just sit here on this mountain drinking coffee

copyright 1986 2002 sue jeffers