Sue Jeffers

insurgent folk

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turn yourself around

so much is going on so much is wrong today
so you call me up and ask me where i've been
well i've been around i just got nothing new to say
nothing to add on to your scene
say you need my help to get some people in the street
get the system on the run
but you've only changed your drummer
and you still won't change your beat
you're just waiting for the day that you can go
pick up your gun

and you want to change the system
and you want to change the flag to another one
a better one you found
just don't ask me now to follow you
or to wave your bloody rag
if you want a revolution then turn yourself around

you say stop war machine and with this i can agree
we gotta live our lives along another track
but you don't even understand yourself
and so you cannot see
where you're going as you're leading the attack
so it's stop the madness
no matter what it takes
peace now i will kill you where you stand
so i may as well just sit here and light me
up some shake
it will help the world out a whole lot more
than all that weird shit you got planned

copyright 1988 Sue Jeffers