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radiation bluez

our country's gonna put an end
to the nuclear arms race
gonna put an end to it all by putting
rayguns s d i in space
arms race it will end alright if that's the
course we choose
end up giving everybody and interstellar cruise

gotta cut off raygun's nuclear arms
gotta cut them off before they get a
chance to hit the ground
gotta cut off raygun's nuclear arms
cut em off before he gets a chance to start
swinging them around
and give us radiation bluez

dig in deep underground
draw a circle all around
testing site might is right
put the soviets uptight
miles away las vegas shakes
nuclear manmade earthquakes
get away from windows, ledges and doors
get off your old and rotten floors or
you'll get radiation bluez

states away kent's olson dorm
in the winter is nice and warm
it's also a nifty fallout shelter
save you from the summer swelter
save you from the sun's radiation
it won't save you from your nation
bent on hell, hell bent on murder
shock waves will crush the iron girders
give you radiation blues

we will have to save ourselves
put gi joe back on the shelf
if this is a kinder gentler nation
why is rotc still part of education
we will have to save ourselves
crawl out of our roach motels
out of the designated fallout shelters
and into the streets where they can hear us
or we'll get radiation blues

copyright 1988 Sue Jeffers