Sue Jeffers

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we've heard alot lately about how
amerika's strong again
what good is that strenght any way
if all we can learn from our past is a
better way of killing our nation will
wave its flag to an unmarked grave

heard alot lately about how
amerika's proud again
the nation's spirit is running high
so often patriotism is used to justify killing
how long are we going to put up with that lie
we've got to find a better way of living
can't go on killing each other
just because we disagree
we've got to live for our future if we
want a future
we won't survive this insanity

so our nation's returning to its state of glory
we're once again one nation under god
and we're fighting 'bout right to life
while we build better bombs to kill our children with
teaching them to hold a bible in one hand
while the other fires a gun
what kind of world are we leaving to our children
will we leave them anything at all
instead of teaching them hate and killing
as an answer
we must teach them that our bombs must
never fall again

the nation's still trying to deal with the viet nam war
while our leaders prepare us for a new one
we can't stand by this time and let ourselves be fooled
peace will not be brought about with guns
heard from our leaders that we're strong again
so use that strength to tell them no
if they want another war they're gonna have
to fight it themselves
if they try to send us we won't go

copyright 1988 Sue Jeffers