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this pen was in the corner of the drawer
beside the keys you left behind
and when you finally hear the song it wrote just before this
i hope that you don't mind
you can see it as snapshot taken stumbling in the murk
or brighid making a house call, call it therapy in verse
i was wrong
you were right
and yeah, i did assume the worst
but i'm not looking for a fight

i don't want to dump the dresser drawer
don't want to separate our socks
i swear i'll open up the door each time
before you even have to knock
sorry i was absent so many times when you were close
in some haze seeking oblivion, like some jameson soaked ghost
yeah i've been wrong
keep on the light
you've already seen me at my worst
and i'm tired of this fight

you know i miss you honey
and my batteries are runnin low
sure stock went up at duracell
since you walked out the door
seems we're fighting battles with the echoes of the past
still thinking in the terms set by the ones who hurt us last
but you're not her
& that's not me
you know i love you honey
give you all the time you need

not too sure how this got started but
will you please tell me when its done
we could put it to an end right now
i'd be happy to declare that you have won
can we stop fighting battles with the echoes of our past
step outside the walls built by the ones who hurt us last
you're not her
and that's not me
you know that i will give you time but i'd rather
give you back your keys

copyright Sue Jeffers 2017