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So here we go

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i didn't sit down here to write a song for you tonight
you know things don't always go the way i plan
the muse she won't cooperate
and i have to pick up what she hurls my way
so i started once and i started twice
then erased it all cuz it wasn't nice and
with the country fighting how many wars
and the capitalist myth convulsing on the floor
this is not what i thought i had to say
but its best not to fight with the goddess you know
so here we go

so when you nudged me at the acceptance speech
when barak obama said
his lesbian sisters deserved to live life free
for a minute i thought maybe i'd been forgiven
and should ask you but you see
i started once and started twice
and then i got nervous and i chewed some ice
now the christian right is having fits
about the judges in connecticut
saying folks deserve their rights even if their gay
using legal code to judge law you know
so here we go

you can tell me about your therapist
and i'll raise you with my mom
we all look for help to understand
and i know tonight wasn't meant to be a test
but i can make meaningless small talk with the best
so i chatted once and i muttered twice
and i made damn sure that i stayed polite
you keep walking out and in the door
leaving love convulsing here on the floor
and i know you don't want to hear what i've got to say
best not to fight with the goddess you know
so here we go

copyright Sue Jeffers 2017