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hey jeanne

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so your shirt's still in the closet
your pants are in the drawer
and i'd just like to know what all this animus is for
no there was no good way to do this
but thought at least i'd still be talking to a friend
its not the first time i've been wrong
and i know that i'll be wrong again
but was the edge of the mattress
really where your interests ended

so i could either wish you well
or say go to hell
you're not listening anyway
is it guilt that made you burn
the path between us
to get me out of the way
so come and get the bed frame
come and get the drawers
and maybe at last you can finally be honest
about what this whole damn thing's been for

yeah i was your shiny new toy once before the lies
faded with use and got thrown down
i don't sparkle quite as bright as whoever it is
you choose to spend your nights with
spend your life with now

so come and get the bed frame
come and get your drawers
i'd still like to ask you
what this whole damn thing has been for

copyright Sue Jeffers 2017