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the economy's down, there's more homeless around
what should we do, how to improve
hey lets build us a strip mall in the middle of town
buy 40 houses and knock them all down for a
12 million dollar sidewalk
a quarter mile of sidewalk
sustainability is not our priority
we need a 12 million dollar sidewalk

tuition's so high you'll pay your loans til you die,
what shall we do, how to improve
100000 bucks will build a president's door
that will keep out mad students who would sit on his floor
for things like
12 million dollar sidewalks

around a third of the town is poverty bound
you know what we need is some more luxury suites
boutique hotel valet parking upscale corporate art
and banners every 5 feet advertising where you are
you're on our

we'll need us a fort to protect from retort
we need us a jail over up on that hill
we'll buy eighteen houses and rip them all down but
our money's all gone to the playground downtown
and to the

taxes must be raised, unless they're abated
what can we do to make the voters approve
say we'll go ahead with this no matter what the vote
and cut city services to keep us afloat on down our
a developer called, so we sold city hall
it's been knocked down, service scattered thru town
the town's up for grabs, as we scoop out the core
if you've got an offer slip it under the door

enjoy our
12 million dollar sidewalk
yes our 12 million dollar sidewalk
sustainability is not our priority
by the time we are done, it could be 21
to not sound insane, we'll call it lefton's esplanade
not a 12 million dollar sidewalk

copyright Sue Jeffers 2017