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well i came back up
and i came back around
found nothing was the same
guess i knew that
i knew that anyway
and i made the run up to here
from piketon in less than 4 hours
but it didn't bring me back
and i'm somewhere now the sky
has turned black
well i was high in the woods
some 300 miles down from home
when i felt you turn away
guess i knew that
knew you'd do that anyway
you sent your words down thru the line
said you loved me
tho it sounded like an apology
i made the choice to stay
guess you knew that
knew i'd do that anyway

so i could scream into the trees
or fall laughing to the stones
decide this makes me happy
but i don't want confessions of your sins
against yourself, or her, or him or me
i find guilt to be a useless feeling
and i don't want apologies
copyright 1996 Sue Jeffers