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january 22nd

now i see another morning's come
and it means, means a year has gone
since i paid my money and made my choice
lost my friend, lost my voice
now i say it's good to see the dawn
now i see another snow has come
but i've already spent too long now
feeling cold
and i made my journey and took my chance
got to the floor and i forgot the dance
but while i was feeling like a penny on the tracks
you came and picked me up and
you brought me back
and you made me feel
made me glad to see the dawn

i remember one time praying in the rain
was asking for direction they said
said offer up your pain
but i convinced myuself that's all i had
and i made my choice and didn't take that path
so now you see, it's good to feel the sun
now i see another day has gone
and it means, means another year has come
and we create our own reality and
i'll take that responsibility but
that doesn't mean we have to make it all alone
and if you need somebody i'll be there to help
you home and to make you feel
make you glad to feel the sun

copyright 1996 Sue Jeffers