Sue Jeffers

insurgent folk

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Get Stuff

Feel like I'm fixin to drive rag

sgt bob washed down his sugar buzz from his
chocolate glazed creme stick with another cup of coffee
wiped the caffeine from his lips and lit another
nicotine stick, took an antacid cuz he felt sick
thinkin about us druggies
neighbor joe awake and baked went looking for
something to eat and alas, found nothing in the kitchen
went to buy some chocolate stars and when bob
stopped his speeding car and found green vegetable
matter in a jar
he decided to arrest him

joe called up the office where some hempsters we
were hanging out and he said
do you think that you could help me
i was speeding down on cherry street
with a jar of weed under my seat and the cop asked
if he could take a peek i decided i should let him

i gave the kid a lawyers name and said if this should
happen once again, you know there
is that one amendment
after he poured out his tale of woe i said
where'd you get our number joe?
he said on the back of one of those cards you know,
that tell the police that they can't search me

lawyer dave sat back and put his feet up on the desk
and yawned again as he pondered the day's schedule
pulled out his mirror and had a toot
he had a new pothead to prosecute
heading up the drug task force was such a hoot
he could always keep is nose full

joe's case was heard by mike the judge
who earlier had finished up his lunch
of some coke and a martini
lawyer dave read off the police report and mike
he cut the trial short so they
both could go and have a snort
and he found that joe was guilty

so if you should go driving round
with something that you don't want found
you'd best remember there's a war on
though mother earth provides the seed
those in government call it devil's weed
and they're just looking for some more stuff to seize
so just say no
can i please go now?
copyright 1988 Sue Jeffers