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insurgent folk

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back in the bus

well you said my guitar is my passion
but i smashed that on a log
threw it into the fire and watched it burn
now it's hanging on my wall
and you didn't understand me
y'all thought that maybe i'd gone mad
and i can tell you now if it hadn't been
for that guitar probably one of us would be dead
and as i recall, it wasn't me i had in mind
at the time as i recall
we weren't being all too kind

so i left. i left my inspiration
lost my icepick somewhere in a branch
but you should still keep in mind
just cuz the words you say are true
ain't no excuse to be an ass
but i thinnk we have recovered
or at least we had up until today
but if you start to act that way again
i may have to go away
and i could go for maybe ten days at a time
but you already know, i'll stand by you til you die

in my heart you are my meaning
in my mind sometimes just a curse
thinking back to the time that we first met
i don't know which of those is worse
and i guess i have to sleep alone
the cats they are walking on the sheets
i'll try to keep in mind if we always tell the truth
there are times that we're bound to disagree
and while i know you're going to do what
you think you have to
i'd much rather be out on the road
back in the bus with you

copyright 1996 Sue Jeffers