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and again

and again i feel what i want to say
still i just play for you
see when i lost my way
i hoped you would find me on my way back
well i know that i've not been much fun lately
sorry, i just came undone
tried to be so open i just fell in two
hoped you would pull me back to myself
but its not the first time that i've
been down on this floor
and i have to find the vision that
i followed out before
cuz all of kent's buses
and all of her freeks
couldn't start to put together my reality

and today the storm came in waves
i watched the sun thru the grey
long since lost my balance and i fell into a field
i could still make out the rainbow thru the hail
and you know i'm just playing again
the things i should say to you
but it seems that lately i have just been numb
and all my feelings lost behind my tongue
well i know we've been thru worse shit
but this time's not been the best
i've been spending all my energy trying not
to lost the rest
can we move to something else now
have you fucked away your fear?
i know we didn't come this way
just to end up here

copyright 1996 Sue Jeffers