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Ode to Jerry's Diner

another cup of coffee and my hands will start to shake
probly had a pot by now, you know i'll stay awake
finished off my spud skins and had a #2
and about 40 cups of coffee mixed in with diner spoo

i hope someone buys the diner
there ain't no place to go any more
i hope someone buys up the diner again
i'm getting pretty hungry, wish they'd open up the doors

used to trip into the diner and sit down by the door
there ain't no place that i can go at 5 am no more
when i haven't been to sleep that night
without the watron gettin uptight that my
eyeballs they don't look quite right
one thing i know for sure


i know that this probly be the saddest story told
the day they closed the diner down
they couldn't get it sold
the 1st of june will be a day of mourning in the town
be remembered as the day they had to shut old jerry's down