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amerika's new fight song

mine eyes have seen the coming of the armies of the red
and i cannot let them get here or they'll all want to be fed
can't have those godless heathen eatin all our wonder bread
gonna drop the bomb
glory glory hallelujah
gonna drop the bomb

we've seen them living in the east
we've seen them in the west
but the warmer southern climates are the
ones that they like best
they've taken cuba's beaches but they
will not take key west
i'm gonna drop the bomb
and radiation's good for you yeah (3x)
why not drop the bomb

they're plotting now to sneak in thru
amerika's back door
so i'm gonna have to send some troops to
save el salvador
the bullets and nepalm won't be enough to
win this war
i'll have to drop the bomb
and there is nothing else to do yeah
lets all drop a bomb

if we're killing heathen commie when
it comes the judgement day
we will all ascend to heaven when the
trumpets start to play
and the godless, evil empire will all
be swept away
if we just drop those bombs
and armaggedon can come true yeah
when we all drop our bombs