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Missile Envy

which country has the biggest
by god i sure hope that it's us
if i knew that ours were bigger
and that ronnie had the trigger
i wouldn't be making such a fuss
but if those ruskie one's are larger
when it comes time for world war 3
when all the missiles do their thing
it sure would be embarrasing
cuz all the world would see that

the reds have bigger warheads
and they're right at our back door
we need to spend some more
for the mx and the minuteman
and mr. raygun's starwars plan
so we can win the war

we have to have the biggest
our whole image is at stake
who cares how much the liberals shout
we'll cut domestic spending out
if that is what it takes
we can't give aid to farmers
we need bigger bombs instead
they think that they've got problems now
just wait til russia bombs their cows
and all the milk comes out red cuz


don't let those pinkos fool you
with their talks about a freeze
we need more missiles to be built
and when we get our silos filled
we'll deploy them overseas
who cares if they don't want them
they just fail to see
the world is better dead than red
that's why they need our warheads
to keep their countries free


bigger is always better
anyone can tell you that
amerika is stronger now
our missiles all are longer now
and ronnie's up to bat
the bigger you are the better
if you want the job done well
democracy is shining bright
come join us in our holy fight
we'll blow those commies straight to hell
the reds may have bigger warheads
ours will just have to grow
amerika must escalate
goddamn this arms race sure is great
amerika let your missiles show