Sue Jeffers

insurgent folk

FBI Records

I am in the process of reclaiming and reworking the website, finishing up a new cd, and planning a tour. A few years back I went crazy and decided at a half century old, it was time to enroll in grad school. Now a few years later, I may still be crazy, but am ready to correct course and head out with the guitar again. The new material is almost ready. In the meantime, the lyrics and audio to all of my previous studio work, since 1986, is currently available in the studio section of the website. The website work is still in progress, and missing a few key elements.

If you are in the midwest or northeast regions of the united states and would like to book a show, have a rally or fundraiser that still needs musicians,.....
phone: (330) 554-5605 email:

contrition - from the upcoming cd - unreleased

hey jeanne - from the upcoming cd - unreleased