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white bread and tuna

i heard myself smile once
and say i love you when the lights were out
and i could only see your watchband and your eyes
got up to turn over pink floyd and
heard you say you needed me
i didn't want to have to disagree
so i turned the volume up
well i turned over to face the wall
and i don't know if its worth it any more
picked my clothes up off the floor
and went out to take a walk
used the moon to make a wish cause i
know that we used to be better than this
but i can't remember the last time we really talked
now i stand here mouth full of teeth
and promises and apologies gone stale
waiting for you to listen
and i laugh and take another cup of punch
from the table here beside us
my shoulders burning in this sun
like so many letters last year
and you turn to take my hand and
you look right thru me and it seems you smiled
at a tray of sandwiches
its another slow dance by the band
and i put my arms around you
but it seems i've forgotten all my wishes

copyright 1999 sue jeffers