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the mall song

i can't wait for a mall in our town
i need a sears and a walden books to hang around
maybe a hallmark, a camelot music
i hope the developers, claim that bog quick
some are concerned for the birds there
but if i get a penney's i really don't care
a fashion barn , kinney shoes, burger king too
its just hippies are complaining
but thats nothing new
don't bog down the mall
natural habitats nothin at all
i don't want to have to drive
out to cuyahoga falls
don't bog down the mall
we have to develop our land
let the officials do what they have planned
i'd rather have concrete than wetlands and muck
and the teenagers here need a place to go talk
and kent is behind in the cool stuff
we've got the kent plaza but thats not enough
thers no escalator theres not even a hall
and the traffic around here
don't let off enough smog

copyright sue jeffers 1998