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Greenpeace Canvasser's Lament

well its cool to make quota in clairemont
when your turf's full of grouchy old men
i know there must be supporters here somewhere
but so far all i've got is a ten
no peddler signs in the window
no solicitor signs on the door
i haven't got any siding or ginsu knife offers
but they won't give me time to explain what i'm here for
chorus: please don't slam the door in my face
i've been walking for hours
all over this place
all i want is a 20 or 50 or more
to help clean up the earth and stop nuclear war
please don't slam the door

this woman is talking long distance
and her neighbor wants to send something in
the man down the street's cooking dinner
won't give me no time to begin
the last man was in the marine corp and
he thinks i'm a communist nut
seems we followed his ship sometime last year
so i say have a nice day and watch the door shut

bob stood and smiled and nodded
and agreed something has to be done
about ozone depletion and the toxics and the forests
but he said that he won't be the one
he knows there are people who're dying
and the planet has got to be saved
but he's gonna sit here and wait for jehovah
to come clean up the mess that we've made

copyright 1990 sue jeffers