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heart on my shoulder

funny i've not been sleeping lately
when i do its not for long
but the last time i went under
i was dreaming of a song
"if i got your name tattooed here on my arm
do you think it would help impress your mom?"
even tho when i woke i didn't rush to the corner
to enshrine your name in a heart on my shoulder
it doesn't mean no it doesn't mean
doesn't mean that i've changed my mind

well i sent a note off to the senator
told him i didn't like his plan
he sent back some form letter
talking bout one woman and one man
bein' vital to america's very heart and soul
along with purtectin the flag up on the pole
now he doesn't mind torture and war is just swell
but activist judges will land us in hell
well it doesn't seem, no it doesn't seem
doesn't seem i changed his mind

you know i've not been happy lately
with the way things are turning out
seems there's tyrants everywhere with
excuses and lies that they mouth
so we stand up and keep shouting no
hey we demand that liberation begin at home
just 'cause i believe that the world can be brighter
and i won't let the bastards go without a fight
it doesn't mean, no it doesn't mean
doesn't mean i've lost my mind

copyright Sue Jeffers 2006