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frontier red

boarding pass out of chicago
got provisions with the money from the show
guitar on the seat beside me
my companion coming home
it's frontier red and girlscout cookies
kafka or the lounge car movie
waiting for the great leap forward when the
train hits eastern time
and there's all this going nowhere
and there's more of moving slow
freight train outside south bend and we'll
be here til it goes

finally connected on the phone
riding in and out of dead end zones
pulling out of elkhart it was good to hear your voice
when the sign outside said waterloo
I was trying to say goodbye
you were fading so I heard just what I
wanted you to say
sometimes we're moving forward
sometimes we're losing ground
I see no point in flying if you're not there
when I touch down

boarding pass home from chicago
running late with a couple hours to go
guitar on the seat beside me
my companion coming home
people round here look confused and drunk
others just are lost
can't find the space they've come from
don't know where to get off
so their time's spent moving back and forth
and time is moving slow
freight train outside cleveland
and there's no place else to go

copyright 2006 Sue Jeffers