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foreign fighters

foreign fighters crossed the border from kuwait into iraq
200 thousand strong they came and started to attack
foreign fighters in their humvees foreign fighters in their jets
dropping dirty bombs out by the tons & 300 million leaftlets

the foreign fighters' strong man spoke from far across the sea
we must crush the evil doers, that's what jesus said to me
they have botch-you-lism, anthrax, and want yellow cake and tubes
to make nukeyaller devices - and i swear that its all true

after 20 days, 2000 tons of bombs and thousands dead
the foreign fighters climbed a statue, put their flag over it's head
said torture chambers, secret police are gone forever more
then put soldiers in their stead, did the same behind locked doors

and they said we're hear to liberate and not to occupy
we've found no weapons of md but many more will die
if we keep killing civilians we just can't be blamed for that
its the fault of all those foreign fighters we've been shooting at

they started wrapping villages with razor wire and guns
put up signs that said this fence is here for your protection
do not approach or try to cross or you'll be shot -to make clear
the foreign fighters are just here to help spreading violence and fear

the foreign fighters bombed a wedding party and they said
we targeted a compound - those were bad guys in the beds
so the witnesses and video all say that we were wrong
but they were doing foreign terror dances and singing foreign songs

a foreign fighter cheerleader made his position clear
in the affairs of Iraq , for'ners should not interfere
we'll install the proper folks in our brand new democracy
and pax americana will reign from sea to burning sea

copyright 2006 Sue Jeffers