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capital limited

6:15 in Union Station
thermos full of wine
down here on track 26
an hour past the time
crawled down to the station
rush hour traffic lakeshore drive
folks with signs up on the bridge
said he lied they died

selling us some slaughter and selling us some lies
a torture appetizer with a side of freedom fries
to be eaten over breakfast with a tablespoon of fear
and thrown down in the evening with some ignorance & beer

i've got a camera full of photos
of my niece at 6 months old
and a book full of dead children
never mentioned in the polls
and a child with one mother
one father and one leg
sacrificed to the straight talking
stiff necked corporate USA

an hour past toledo
and 1/2 past the last wine
each time i turn out the lights
my thoughts fill with the crimes
operation 'raqi freedom
liberator, lightning, storm
squeeze play, spear, new market
high tech military porn

copyright Sue Jeffers 2006